Healing Breathwork is a healing practice that acknowledges the traditional custodians of this land. We pay respect and homage to those who’ve come before us, especially those from country Aboriginal people in Australia. Healing breathwork Perth offers reconciliation through breath work services which help individuals find inner peace amidst struggles with physical pain or mental illness.

healing breathwork perth
healing breathwork perth
healing breathwork perth
Hi, I’m Michael, and my mission:

To get the world breathing again.

In a world where we’re all influenceable, I’ve started this breath-work movement to help people find their own voices and make changes in the metaverse.

Breathing has never been more important in the way of reconnection. I’m on a mission to make the world breathe again by reconnecting with our breath and bringing awareness back into everything we do, think about or experience!.

To remind humanity that we are one human family and should love each other unconditionally.

We will use the power of our breath not only to heal ourselves but also those around us.

By spending my life encouraging people to connect with their breath, I’m bringing them back into the present moment and helping guide us towards who they really are.

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Breathwork can help with the following



Sports & Exercise

Chronic Pain

Women’s Health

Child Health & Development

What our customers say

I have found the Breathworks a very helpful way of relaxing, I am currently studying Breathwork and came across this site by chance, very helpful.

Emily Tobin

I have just experienced the breathwork, I feel better and calmer in myself. Thank you.

Kelly Clifton

This is a beautiful and calming practice, I feel better for doing it.

Alexandra Brown

I was in a very dark place and had thoughts of suicide. The first thing that came to me when I heard about the breathwork was why haven’t I heard about this before? This is amazing. If a person is in pain, suffering, trauma or mental illness breathwork can help them get back to the present moment and be who they really are. It’s amazing what a simple thing like breathing can do.

Sara Di Maria

Bring your attention back to your breath, your body, and who you are.

Michael Wong

Why Breathe?

Breathing are some things we do a day without even realising. It regulates our nervous system and keeping us in a harmonious state can be accomplished with simple daily breath exercises which have been tried for thousands of years!

A conscious connection between inhalation and exhalation helps people who spend most days thinking about past or future come back into now, Which can provide them relief from stress because they're not constantly worrying whether things will turn out okay but rather accepting that everything happens for its own reason without needing intervention by us.

The benefits of breathwork

Breathwork is a type of deep meditative breathing, that is practiced to release emotions and toxins from the body. It’s done using a technique called Holotropic Breathwork, adapted from the teachings of indigenous cultures in South America.

Breathwork can affect your physical body, mental state of being, and emotional well-being, and has the following benefits:

1.) Alkalizing your blood PH

If you do a breathing session, it has been shown that there’s a healthy rise in blood pH levels. This is because your CO2 output increases as you breathe faster, while your oxygen intake is more than enough to meet your body’s needs. Your lungs can get rid of excess CO2, thus moving the body towards an alkaline state.

2.) It’s a cleansing activity

Breathwork can help purge the body of toxins, metabolic waste, and other harmful substances. These are often stored in the organs, including the lungs and liver. By clearing these out, you allow your body to function at a better capacity.

3.) Relaxation

This is one of the most significant effects brought about by breathwork. It can help you reduce stress levels, ease tension in your muscles and bring about a sense of tranquillity in your mind.

4.) Anti-inflammatory effect

The more you practice this technique, the more you experience reducing inflammation within the body. In addition, the procedure induces an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces any pain or swelling experienced in the body at any given time.

5.) Chakra balancing

This is another significant result achieved by breathwork, everyone’s favourite! Using breathing techniques to focus on specific chakras can help balance your energy centers and improve your overall wellbeing and connection with yourself and others.

6.) Emotional healing

It allows you to focus on specific emotions and work through them. This is because there’s such a “feeling tone”, which can bring clarity to your emotions. This is done by fully allowing the emotion you want to focus on to control your breathing and body senses.


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